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Recaps of Recaps.

Periodic blog posts are on hold, I will instead post when I feel there is content to do so. Many of you know, if you haven’t figured it out yet here you go, I prize and encourage precise brevity. Having this in mind, the last thing I want to commit to or be involved in is fluff posting, I am fully aware it is the #1 way to “engage the audience” in marketing but I personally despise it and have no problem going on recording saying so. I feel as a race we are more inter-connected and have more information at our fingertips to know what to do with, even to the point many of us are aimless and wandering mentally due to too much of it. So any and all blog posts, will be more like this one. Little less structured, little more to the point, more like a letter than a marketing ad and I look forward to providing actual content more often as my strength allows me in the future for the plausible few out there this may connect with.

Much tentacles,
The squid blog @ squidgeneer.com