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All partnerships currently active.

Any and all support is appreciated.

I do my very best to partner with good deals and decent groups, some are referral links while some are partnerships, each are clearly marked. On top of this if anybody you see here is shady and I missed it, let me know asap and I will look into it/remove if I find sufficient evidence to support the claim, thank you.
On top of this, I strive to also comply with all legal requirements as stated in the FDC RULES as I expect you come to expect from every “Social Media Influencer”.

Referral code: For new Star Citizens Use code: STAR-KF6Y-BDXR for 5K UEC (In-game credits) or click the image above to be taken to the account signup page with it automatically filled in. I receive 5k In-game credits as well as credit towards in game-rewards at tiers.

Corporation: The Aquarium/COOLFISH


Humble store partnership proceeds determined on checkout by purchasee https://www.humblebundle.com/subscription?partner=squidgeneer