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Category: Disabilities

Weekly Blog [102720]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap Cancelations: All live streams are canceled this week because of a ton of doctor appointments. Website: Humming along, no changes this week! Stream: Cities Skylines:  City is pushing 100k! As designated by the community the “Hell Noodles” develop as we currently have traffic above 80% with no roundabouts. All 4 […]

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Thought of the day When dealing with chronic pain I’ve had to choose Build your life around it Or Live your life through it

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Disabilities Suck.

Trying to keep up with my daily promise, of course the next day is a full blow flare up of my disabilities. It’s 10:30 PM and I can finally think straight for the first time today, yay. I hope you all are doing well, the only real take away I have from this is never […]

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