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The Community:

Variety channel. Our community is focused on casual gaming and self-care. Don’t break you, there’s only one. We take it easy, we take breaks, we’re happy you came by and hope you enjoy it.


Business Email: email@squidgeneer.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/XRw4Gyh

About Squidgeneer:

Long-time gamer, post-op Zipperhead . Father, Husband, Streamer and Nerd. See schedule for times, all schedules are Health Permitting.

Blog Posts

Servers, websites and more, oh my!

Just a quick community update. I have brought up and am maintaining https://coolfish.live which is a community based launchpad with information on the various activities we do as the CoolFish community. Currently working on getting the latest Minecraft version to play nice with our dedicated servers and have successfully brought up 3 7days2die servers including […]

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Recaps of Recaps.

Periodic blog posts are on hold, I will instead post when I feel there is content to do so. Many of you know, if you haven’t figured it out yet here you go, I prize and encourage precise brevity. Having this in mind, the last thing I want to commit to or be involved in […]

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November’s Recap

Welcome to November’s Recap Website: Humming along, no changes but looking to improve interaction and usefulness. Stream: Verified congestion of ISP is preventing decent upload speeds: on Hiatus until ISP is resolved. YouTube: All VODS of story games now on YouTube. Community: As a reminder, we added 4 new instances of servers last week, in […]

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The Stream