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And we’re back

Hey there! Post move, settling in, back on schedule. So luckily it seems the utilities have been holding up, IE the internet so streams are definitely a go, so far the body also has been holding up to the new schedule, which if you haven’t been keeping up on Discord/streams is Monday – Friday 5PM […]

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Seasons on Hold, Shakeup in Schedule

For various reasons the Xcom seasons are on Hold for now, one of the reasons was my decision to scrap my schedule completely. Being disabled, home keeper, husband, homeschooling and father of three at this point in time keeping a schedule was causing more tension than good. Due to the nature of the disability there […]

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Heyyy It’s sooner than last time

So quick update, the new box is STILL ON PRE-ORDER, Huzzah for patience! Still going to wait for it to come as it was a really good price. On another note we have a COLAB SATURDAY with some amazing streamers and I am honored to have the opportunity to share some internet space with them. […]

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