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Hey there, plans and schedules.


Quick update. Current schedule is as such:

Monday: Star Citizen (Unless very unstable, then will adjust)
Tuesday: Variety Gaming
Wednesday: Star Citizen (Unless very unstable, then will adjust)
Thursday: Variety Gaming
Friday: What The Friday (Just Chatting, Variety gaming, community multiplayer, a night dedicated to true variety and winding down the week just chilling.)

Regarding YouTube

I am currently working on a new project that will kick start a new era on the Squidgeneer page, it seems YouTube has deemed it necessary to revoke my previous custom name for my channel, time to work it to get it back I suppose. I will update all the links. Working on making and uploading a new channel trailer soon explaining the new direction for the YouTube channel, instead of just for Lets Plays it will be for special projects for now until I figure out exactly what we want to do with it…

Cya soon CoolFish!