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So much going on lately.

I’ve been discussing and posting via Discord and Twitter but I wanted to make a compilation of tweets here, to keep things clear and upfront and a memorandum of a crazy couple weeks. This is June 9 to June 24th 2020.


≠ any others not mattering. The body is sick, treat/remove the sick parts to start recovery or the whole body suffers. Stereotypes and Racism are sicknesses, when the immune system can’t identify a real threat by being infected, the whole body is in danger.

(General twitter craziness)
In these times keep in mind that using hashtags help them trend. Taking an internet dump on somebody gives them exposure. Screen shot things if you need context. PS: Stop throwing fits fellow chromatically challenged people, thanks.

(#MeToo movement starting to gain steam with Twitch broadcasters/gaming sector)

No means no, WTF is so hard about that. Drunk or high, that was your choice. Go ahead and use whatever policing language you want at me but fuck predatory practices, fuck gas lighting and fuck you if you have ever participated in either. While were at it, fuck racism too.

(In reaction to the reactions of the accused in regards to previous issue)
I have been legitimately dumbfounded how other men handle themselves when given a little bit of attention. As a guy that does stream on Twitch, I reiterate my own policy of full transparency and support those coming forward to share their stories.

(Mixer going to Facebook gaming)
I ugly chortled. I deleted my FB account a long time ago, sorry mixer friends but I’m not going back.

My heart goes out to the employees and content creators that got screwed over today.

(#TwitchBlackout , casters voluntarily not streaming on 06/24/2020 to bring attention for the need to clear out sexual predators on the platform)
If you wish to participate in the Twitch blackout, good. If you wish to use this time to have a Discussion on the platform, good. Dichotomy can exist without the goal being adversely affected, unify towards the goal.


June man, it’s still not over.