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Re-worked the website, should look better than ever! Also with the website rework, we also opened up a new “Support” page where you can choose to make a one time TIP towards either Squidgeneer’s (me) content creation or the Dedicated Servers directly.

Speaking of Dedicated Servers…

They are up and running! This includes; 7 days to Die, Conan Exiles, and Minecraft with much more to come! Any and all support to help bear the cost of operation is always much appreciated!

The Blog…

I know, I know I said I would try for a daily blog but, it just doesn’t seem that viable at the moment. Instead, I will focus on a weekly update in the blog as a constant with quick blips in between when the opportunity presents itself.

New weekly Corp flys in RSI!

Every Saturday at 5 PM the CoolFish INC corp is getting together to good around in Star Citizen the best we can, the basis of this format is 3 fold; Help new players get accustomed to the game, make some credits, and goof around/have fun sciencing.

That’s it for now, cya next week for another update!