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Weekly Blog [092820]

Hey there, welcome to the…

Weekly Recap


As you have seen if you are here reading this, we have a brand new website setup, I hope it is more straight forward and functional, as always I am available for feedback [Discord is the easiest place to reach me].


FF6: Continuing to truck along in FF6, easily in the end game but we will continue to knock out as much of the sidequests as we can before smothering Kefka in that blasted tower!
Cities Skylines:  Our weekly session of Cities Skylines on Saturday morning, our little city has grown up! We installed water purification, added a prison and live concert hall, the university is at 3 stars and growing! Best of all, we are on track to opening the solar power plant soon and have been steady in the green *feelsgoodman*.


We wrapped up the week with our Saturday night Star Citizen Corp Fly with our highest attendance yet, exciting to say the least, as we continue to try and grow this event and the CoolFish INC corp ing general we aim to provide a platform to teach new people in the verse the basics of existing and being efficient as well as putting some of our big ships to use filling those chairs!

In conclusion…

Been good catching up with you, wrapping up the weekly dedicated server maintenance for our Conan, 7D2D, and Minecraft servers which will be back up and ready to go shortly. (If you are interested in joining, the method is through the Discord, join us and check out the section for the community servers, specifically the pins in the respective servers channel.)

Talk to you soon and remember, Don’t Break You! There is only one. Take those breaks, do something good for yourself, enjoy the little things.

Cya on the flip side!