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Weekly Blog [101920]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap


Humming along, no changes this week!


Cities Skylines:  Endgame for this city because we are reaching towards the 60k pop! As designated by the community the “Hell Noodles” go on to develop as we have traffic above 85% with no roundabouts. All 4 unique industries are now at 5 stars as we advance towards the unique buildings while advancing to develop.  We are still continuing steadily and looking forward to continuing this week!

Star Citizen:  Delving into the new 3.11 Alpha patch, the original Inventory system is rich and an important stride towards cargo/inventory changes as they go on to move on core systems.


Saturday night Star Citizen Corp Fly was in full effect as we go on to present a venue for new players a place to get in contact with well-versed players and CoolFish INC corp a moment to pick up crews to bring our big ships to maximum operation, we designated “The Cove” in New Babbage as our meeting spot, see you next week!

The dedicated server is up and running great, current games are; Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die, and Minecraft with more to come. Join us through Discord and check out the section for the community servers as a result you may find the pinned messages you need!

In conclusion…

Talk to you soon and Don’t Break You because that would be a damn shame. There is only one! Take those breaks, do something good for yourself, enjoy the little things.

See you on the flip side!