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Weekly Blog [110220]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap


All live streams were canceled last week because of a ton of doctor appointments, back to schedule now!

I hope you had a fantastic Halloween and stayed safe, look forward to getting back to the regular schedule, missed you all a ton!


Humming along, no changes this week!


All Streams we’re canceled due to STUFF


Added 4 new instances of servers, in detail we now have; Minecraft Whitelist Leegacy, Minecraft Whitelist Latest, Minecraft PUBLIC latest, 7d2d stream server, 7d2d whitelist vanilla, 7d2d PUBLIC vanilla and Conan exiles (Original Map), public servers are fully open.

The dedicated server is up and with some new servers!, current games are;
Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die (3 instances), and Minecraft (3 instanced) with more to come. Join us through Discord and check out the section for the community servers as a result you may find the pinned messages you need!

In conclusion…

Talk to you soon and Don’t Break You because that would be a damn shame. There is only one! Take those breaks, do something good for yourself, enjoy the little things.

See you on the flip side!