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Category: Streaming

Weekly Blog [102720]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap Cancelations: All live streams are canceled this week because of a ton of doctor appointments. Website: Humming along, no changes this week! Stream: Cities Skylines:  City is pushing 100k! As designated by the community the “Hell Noodles” develop as we currently have traffic above 80% with no roundabouts. All 4 […]

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Weekly Blog [092820]

Hey there, welcome to the… Weekly Recap Website: As you have seen if you are here reading this, we have a brand new website setup, I hope it is more straight forward and functional, as always I am available for feedback [Discord is the easiest place to reach me]. Stream: FF6: Continuing to truck along […]

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Estimated 3-4 week Hiatus

The main rig broke, BSOD on boot, no known fixes This means I am at the mercy of the RMA process (sending it back) Until further notice, all streams and Twitch events are on hold. I will be on Discord and Twitter mostly might even catch you in a few other Twitch streams! Take care!

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