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Category: Twitch

Weekly Blog [092820]

Hey there, welcome to the… Weekly Recap Website: As you have seen if you are here reading this, we have a brand new website setup, I hope it is more straight forward and functional, as always I am available for feedback [Discord is the easiest place to reach me]. Stream: FF6: Continuing to truck along […]

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Estimated 3-4 week Hiatus

The main rig broke, BSOD on boot, no known fixes This means I am at the mercy of the RMA process (sending it back) Until further notice, all streams and Twitch events are on hold. I will be on Discord and Twitter mostly might even catch you in a few other Twitch streams! Take care!

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Easing into more RPG/Story games, starting tonight!

We played our first stream of Final Fantasy 6 tonight (FF3 for US release on SNES) I enjoyed it tremendously, I am excited to see what this shift will do for the community. We also shifted Saturday morning ot be all Cities Skylines, dorpping the Slay the Spire and leaving Saturday night for Multiplayer/MMO (7 […]

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