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Updates Shmupdates.

So Minecraft recently went from 14.4.4 to 15.0 which is pretty dang cool, unless you are an admin

(admittedly it’s still cool just, after things are working again)

I’ve been searching for documentation on the viability of using a current world file to no avail so I kicked it back to the community to see what they would want to do for the dedicated server, now we wait. Any of you server Admins ever hate it when multiple things you are following get to similar update versions, X game v14.4.5.6 Y game v14.4.5.5 and you’re all Oh whyyyyyy again, maybe just me, totally just happened and got super confused. Had to take another night off, “called out” like I told Riz, It is always bitter sweet because I typically even while pained can get more done around the house/on the back-end just because of the sheer amount of time a stream takes (4-6 hours) even fighting through sickness you can get something done but at the same time still miss the crap out of the community. On that note I am slowly starting to finally accept the fact that these nights are necessary though, I feel as if the whole streaming culture beats into people that YOU MUST ALWAYS BE ON and IF YOU ARE NOT YOU LOSE MOMENTUM AND YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK and while some of that can be true to some extent, it sure is one quick way to burnout and kill yourself for sure. So again, to whoever might be reading this if you are part of the streaming community thanks for your patience while I work through both my personal struggles and the stream climate to find that happy medium where I can actually provide a product worth your time while not killing myself in the process.

Everybody loves to watch somebody burn, but we all make for short lived fuel

So Don’t Break you (psst, I didn’t forget about DontBreakYou , still working on it) and I am trying to do the same. Take care!

– Squidz