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Why do people farm emotes on Twitch during these events? Simple.

Emotes are a way to express yourself in a tone-deaf chat environment.

Twitch knows this.

So they create a simulated rarity by putting “windows of time” to collect emotes, creating their own “supply+demand” structure. If somebody wants to express themselves this rarity is placed on it because of a window of “get time” so they are more pressured to farm or lotto it out themselves to “secure” their ability to “express” themselves when they want to or else they may “miss out” on the ability to do so in the future, this is further amplified by the emotes staying after the window of time passes, it is no longer “Can I use it during this time” it’s now ” Will I never be able to use it “.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, sure it could provoke people prone to impulsive behavior in general as could A LOT of things but I am hoping that the artists of the emotes are both paid very well not only in exposure, but good ol cash for their work.

So here is to people haveing good fun both in using, reviving and seeing others enjoy these as an extra side-bonus to their generosity. Cheers and :HahaThisisfine: