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Weekly Blog [100520]

Hey there, welcome to the…

Weekly Recap


HTTPS is and should always ve forced now to subvert some of the imbed issues we had, subscription models for support through PayPal are now available in the support section for both community projects and my content creation.


FF6: We were supposed to be wrapped up last Friday, it took longer than expected. Quick wrap-up stream as a bonus Tuesday and going straight for the Final Boss, stay tuned.

Cities Skylines:  We are getting into the big leagues now, hot on our way to a 5-star college. The concert hall is on it’s way to being upgraded, expanded the shoreline to highrise living, and prepped another high-rise district. The solar plants are up and we transitioned to eco water outlets! Continuing to min-max every little space before expanding has created some cool Pedi-ramps and unique sections. Still having a blast, look forward to continuing soon.

To come?:  FF6 wrapped up which opens up our Thursday/Friday slots. Very likely to see more Space-game (Star Citizen) and Cities Skylines as those 2 are settling in as our main games as of now.


Saturday night Star Citizen Corp Fly was in full effect as we continue to provide a venue for new players a place to get in touch with well-versed players as well as CoolFish INC corp a time to gather crews to put our big ships to full use.

The dedicated server is up and running splendid, current games are; Conan Exiles, 7 Days to Die and Minecraft with more to come. If you wish to join us the method is through the Discord, check out the section for the community servers, specifically the pins in the respective servers channel.

In conclusion…

Talk to you soon and remember, Don’t Break You! There is only one. Take those breaks, do something good for yourself, enjoy the little things.

Cya on the flip side!