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Author: Squidgeneer

Weekly Blog [101920]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap Website: Humming along, no changes this week! Stream: Cities Skylines:  Endgame for this city because we are reaching towards the 60k pop! As designated by the community the “Hell Noodles” go on to develop as we have traffic above 85% with no roundabouts. All 4 unique industries are now at […]

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Weekly Blog [101320]

Welcome to the… Weekly Recap Website: Added the Twitch stream song-list and gear list as separate pages, nested under Twitch in the side menu. Stream: Cities Skylines:  Continuing to grow, we expanded to the new Trash Farm Tourist Island! Fighting the ever-changing battle of traffic because we’re resolved to win while exploring new areas including […]

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Weekly Blog [100520]

Hey there, welcome to the… Weekly Recap Website: HTTPS is and should always ve forced now to subvert some of the imbed issues we had, subscription models for support through PayPal are now available in the support section for both community projects and my content creation. Stream: FF6: We were supposed to be wrapped up […]

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